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  1. To commemorate the 175th anniversary of the "Botanische Staatssammlung" in München (M) an index of the plant collections was compiled in 1988.
  2. Except for the bryophyte and lichen collections (where the register was obtained by directly checking the herbarium specimens) this index was obtained mainly from evaluating the inventory books and acquisition lists from the past 175 years.
  3. The register has been made as complete as possible. However, the original source material did not always consistently include data concerning number of specimens, name of collectors, collection area or collection origin.
  4. The following information, whenever available, is given about collectors: surname, Christian names, year of birth and/or death, collecting areas, number of specimens kept at M. Additional biographical notes are usually only given for staff members or other persons with special relations to the Munich herbarium. Personal herbaria are also covered in as much detail as possible. Exact dates of birth and death (instead of the years only) are given for the collectors whenever these data could be ascertained thanks to personal information gathered from individuals, institutions or registration offices.
  5. Accession lists containing mixed duplicates collected by various individuals, and also lists without collector's names, are filed in our register under the heading of their mailing herbaria and arranged alphabetically following their acronyms.
  6. Exsiccata and exsiccata-like series are listed under their authors. Collectors of exsiccata specimens usually are not included in the register.
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